After doing that last cinemagraph test, I got a call from Maker Projects in Manchester to do a handful for them on a project they were doing for Revolution Bars. They were expertly lit and shot by photographer Layla Sailor and art directed by Nick at Maker, though I was on set to make sure what we shot for the cinemagraphs would work. Then after a bit of experimenting with what worked better than what, came out with these final five, tending to find it’s the more subtle the movement that works best.



Influenced by From Me To You, I thought I’d have a bash at making a cinemagraph myself. Initially felt the movement was too subtle within the frame, but quite like it now. If I was to try that same shot again, I’d film it longer and freezeframe and mask off lots more frozen activity.



I worked on the VFX/compositing of the hologram pimped up wheel rims on this short collaboration between director Harmony Korine and South African oddball-rap outfit Die Antwoord, at The Mill.

Pretty crazy stuff and the strangest brief I’ve ever had land on my desk, but was a fun couple of days working on it.


Animation work I did for my friends at Young.


Small sting for the end of The Trafford Centre’s Xmas advert, at The Neighbourhood for BJL.

PLAYSTATION. 05.01.11.

Through January and into February, last year, I was working alongside a bevy of talented freelancers and staff at The Neighbourhood on three PlayStation (PSP, PS3 and whole brand) mood films for internal use by Sony. Was a great project to work on, with more or less free creative rein to mess around with mixing handmade techniques, stop motion, tracked footage, 3D renders etc.

Here, I’ve taken all my parts and edited them together into a mini showreel of my work on the job, topped off with a score and sound design by the excellent Zelig Sound. The messages won’t make any sense running through it because they’re random shots from 2 of the 3 films.

1080P QuickTime

720P QuickTime

LIVE [NIKE]. 25.10.10.

This started out as my contribution to a Nike sponsored arts based project, where we were asked to create a piece that reinterprets the role of the shoes, in relation to sport. My take on this was that since Nike first started making running shoes, we no longer just use them solely for running, but that we LIVE our life in them. Anyway I ended up far too busy with client work to finish this for the deadline so I stepped away from the project and just finished this for itself.

So I shot the shoes in multiple locations and scenarios, filming across Europe through the summer, including Manchester, London, Paris, Nice, Genova, Milan, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Edinburgh and Nairn!

I shot it with the Canon 550D and my Iscorama anamorphic lens attachment (on a 35mm Carl Zeiss lens). So the resulting 2.35:1 (or close to) ratio is not from cropping/letterboxing the footage, since the Isco squeezes the image recorded by the sensor horizontally which I then unsqueezed to this ratio in post.

Incidentally, all the feet/legs in the video are my own and I was filming this by an elaborate guerilla method of taking off one shoe, setting up camera, finding focus on that shoe, mark the spot and hop past the camera a few times. Needless to say, this was pretty hit and miss and I shot a lot of footage that didn’t make the cut.

Any other questions about the workflow, just ask. I might get round to putting together some before/after breakdowns for some of this, like the football shot that has three of me and a CG ball in it.

The music’s an edit of Peaches – ‘Do Ya’ and additional sound design for the intro was created by ZeligSound.

I’ve now uploaded a high quality/high datarate 720P QuickTime.


Had to do a quick test on this for a client and never ended up getting the whole job. Shot a whole bunch of tests for it though so will probably re-purpose the technique into a personal project at some point.

FREEBIES. 10.09.10.

I uploaded these two HDR + one normal spherical panoramas for someone to use if they wished the other day. So thought I’d make them available to anyone that wanted to use them. For 3D environment/reflection/lighting maps etc.

They were shot on a 5DmkII with a Sigma 15mm Fisheye, each is 6 shots round, one up, one down. Times three for the HDRs.


Car Park

CHANGES AFOOT. 09.09.10.

Now that I’ve set up my main portfolio through Cargo at, I’m going to attempt to start using the blog in a different way. For smaller bits n bobs of projects, talking about works in progress, behind the scenes, work breakdowns, geeky gear talk, sharing tips, techniques and resources or whatever takes my fancy.

Feed back if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear about.